PLEASE NOTE: Your login from the former smartlivingcompany.com website will not work on this website, and none of your historical order or customer information will be available.

On December 31, 2019, Smart Living Company ceased operations. Sigma Distributors, Inc. acquired the intellectual property, inventory, and other select assets of Smart Living Company on January 1, 2020. Sigma Distributors is an entirely separate corporation and is not responsible for Smart Living Company’s payables, product returns, or any other debts or liabilities. For matters pertaining to business with Smart Living Company prior to January 1, 2020, please email slc8302@gmail.com.


We are now accepting new orders from former Smart Living Company members, and we appreciate your patience during this transitional period. Please read through the information below to learn how we will continue to serve as your source for Smart Living products.


Establishing a New Account

NOTE: If you've already received a website account activation email from us, you can skip this section, as you are already set up to order from us.

Before placing orders with Sigma Distributors through our website, you must establish a new customer account with us. At this time, we are only setting up accounts for existing Smart Living Company members, so you will need to provide your SLC membership number. Please click the following link to use our online setup form:

Once you have submitted your information through the above form and it has been reviewed by our customer service team, we will email you an invitation to activate an account on our website. After setting a password for your account, you'll be able to click the Log In to Account link in the upper right of any page on the site.

At that point, you may begin placing orders through the website. We cannot accept new orders until you have established a new account with us.


Placing Orders

Once your customer account has been established, you may place orders with us through one of the following methods:
  1. After you've activated your website account with us as described above, you may manually place orders through our website. 
  2. If you previously submitted orders to Smart Living Company by email with Excel template files, you may continue to submit orders to us in a similar format. Please email our customer service team at customerservice@SigmaSLC.com to obtain an updated template.


All web orders must be paid by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards. The charges will appear on your credit card statement as SP * SIGMA DIST. We do not accept gift cards or merchandise credit as forms of payment.

Processing Times

All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days of receipt. If you are fulfilling orders for customers on other platforms, please be aware of this processing time. 

Shipping Rates & Methods

Please see our Shipping Policies page for details. 

Inventory Reports

View our Inventory Report page to download an Item Status Report containing inventory quantities and other information. The report linked to this page will be updated at 3am, 12pm and 4pm PST. The prices on the report will reflect the current wholesale pricing for items.

Sales Receipts

You will be emailed a payment receipt immediately after you place an order through our the website. Additionally, at 6pm PST each day, you will receive a report by email that lists your orders processed for payment that day. 


No product pricing will be displayed on our website until you log into your account. Once logged in, you will see your wholesale pricing displayed for items. 

Resale Certificates

Sigma Distributors Inc. requires that all members who have a billing address based in California USA must have a current Resale Certificate on file. Please send the certificate in a pdf format to customerservice@SigmaSLC.com. Certificate must be on file with Sigma by February 14th, 2020 in order to continue doing business with us. 


Customer Service Hours

Business hours for customer service are 8AM PST to 4PM PST. 


Our warehouse hours are 7AM PST – 3:00PM PST Monday - Friday.  Orders are currently being shipped within a 24-48 business hour period of receipt.  Please plan your business accordingly.
Sigma Distributors, Inc.
26763 San Bernardino Ave., Suite B
Redlands, CA 92374


Please see our Returns page. 



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